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Bas Coenegrachts

Alien Bonfire

02.05 - 31.05.2023

During the month of March, Bas Coenegracht has been working in the residency at Le Charbonnage.He deep dived into a lot of new techniques and got inspired by the lively environment in the city of Genk.

LC_Bas at work1.jpeg

Bas Coenegrachts

Bas his expectation for this concentrated work period was developing a new series of work that would function as an inspiring kick off for the year 2023. He had a lot of ideas and paintings he wanted to make in 2023. This residency helped him to provide finding and fine-tuning some of the new tools and techniques he was looking for. The work he created ended up as a collection of new paintings which resulted in an amazing exhibition called 'Alien Bonfire'.

Please feel free to download the catalogue and contact us for more information about availability and prices.

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