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Nathalie Campion - Francesca Casu

JULY 30 - AUGUST 28, 2023

Over the past 2 months, two extremely talented artists have worked in the residency at Le Charbonnage. Both Nathalie Campion and Francesca Casu took their time, often isolated from the outside world, to push their creative boundaries and explore new artistic ways.


Francesca Casu

Francesca Casu (°1987, Sassari, Italy): “Participating in this artistic residency has opened a vibrant canvas for exploring themes dear to me: self-expression, identity, sexuality, and the union of animal and human worlds. Serendipitously, I discovered a connection with the former Zwartberg zoo, known for its diverse animal collection acquired through breeding and rescuing animals from defunct zoos and circuses.Intriguingly, this setting harmonizes with my artistic journey, inspiring me to absorb the space and unravel a unique confluence between my art and this transformative environment.”

Nathalie Campion

Nathalie Campion (°1969, Brussels, Belgium): “Immersed in isolation, I embraced the protection it offered during my residency. I relished this solitude, seeing it as an opportunity for introspection and deeper self-exploration. My work was unhindered by obligations or expectations of specific outputs, affording me the freedom to experiment. This setting led to a surprising fondness for working on paper. It allowed me to create what felt genuine without the usual self-doubt. This journey through isolation, as a shield and creative catalyst, made me feel as if I had discovered a new artistic language.”

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