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3. Elia Vanderheyden & Rune Gybels

August, 2023

Elia Vanderheyden

Within my work I create landscapes of the future, landscapes of an earth that is yet unknown. One without the human race or one which depicts the second that our traces are erased. The works depict what is known biblically as the Escahton event or the Day after the end of the world. The human race is gone and the earth goes on living in its own way. Unknown to us, even though we have destroyed her capabilities of sustaining humanity we have not destroyed the Earth and she goes on living, creating shapes and things that are never to be known for us.

I depict these landscapes taking inspiration from great romantic painters such as Caspar David Friedrich. Using A.I., I Create new landscapes out of these paintings and start combining several dozen images in Photoshop multiple times over to create something unique and interesting. Hand picking elements from paintings, A.I. and photography to create new worlds that are often unexplainable trough mere text and can only be experienced by each individual in their own way by emerging oneself in the visual elements.

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