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4. Szawel Plociennik

September, 2023

Szawel Płóciennik (*1987), by experimenting with painting techniques on canvas or by publishing reflective essays in academic art magazines, studies the creative process and tries to analyse the problems of the artist’s position in contemporary socio-economic uncertainty. The category of plasticity helps to capture the dynamics of the artist’s creative process, who puts the painting of canvas to the test by carefully modeling the layers of emulsion on its surface, carefully examining its saturation with color and light. Płóciennik explores his subconsciousness by gradually mixing painting techniques and carefully studies religious and mythological references and associations from childhood stories in the subjects of his works. The result of formal experiments is the creation of a world of non-binary bodies and the deformation of their humanoid shapes, which change under the influence of the forming on the surface of the canvas, mutating into figurative geometric forms transforming into bodily tissue. 

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